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Are You Looking For Something New And Exciting For Your Fundraiser This Year? Look No Further.

The Magic of Timothy Is The Solution For Your Fund Raising Dilemma.

Hello, I'm Timothy and I'm offering to you a unique opportunity to have something exciting and different for your fundraiser this year. A really big, really fun Magic and Illusion show.

Before I go into all the details, I want to stress a few points that I feel will be the most interesting to you.

My show has been created to get rid of the hassle and extra work normally associated with creating and hosting a successful fundraiser. All you need to do is supply the location and promote the show through your organization, and I will take care of all the details concerning the entertainment.

The show plays to a large crowd; it is very fun, fast paced, magical and very entertaining. In addition, I can tailor the show to fit any special requirements you may have.

The show is a low financial risk for you. I don't charge an up front fee for the show, but take a percentage of the profits generated by the event.

I carry a general liability insurance policy that insures my show for up to 2 million dollars.

Basically, I have tried to make the fund raising process as easy as possible for you and your organization. Naturally, you will have questions regarding my show and how it can raise money for you, and I thought I'd mention that I always welcome personal questions. You may call me any time at (801) 898-9624.

Now for some more details...

Entertainment That's Fun And Profitable

My show is all about entertainment. When someone comes to see The Magic Of Timothy I want them to thoroughly enjoy every moment they have paid for and leave wanting more. I typically shun the serious magician persona and prefer to do a lot of off the wall, comedy based entertainment. I'd much rather see the audience laugh at me or something funny in my act than have them convinced I'm the most powerful or magical person in the world. Thus most of the larger illusions I do have a funny bone. For instance when I perform Houdini's famous escape trunk I do it with a western theme and end up dressed like a cow. Or when I cut a lady in pieces I dress up like a mad scientist and try to make the illusion as weird as possible. The result is a show that is amazing, lighthearted and very entertaining.

I also like to bring as large a show as possible. I feel that when people pay to see an event, they want something spectacular. In my show there are typically five or six large illusion acts. You know - the type of magic where you cut people in half, stick the swords in, and generally do the impossible. I also perform five or six medium sized acts where we levitate a member of the audience, threaten to cut an audience member's head off with our seven foot guillotine, juggle fire and other fun objects, produce birds and rabbits, and other fun magical stuff. There are also a dozen or so smaller acts where we do comedy, magic, involve the audience, and generally entertain the crowd. The show can run to just under 2 hours, with a 15-minute intermission in the middle to give the audience a breather and allow you to sell more concessions.

My show has really been created to be as hassle free for the host as possible. I bring all of the equipment I need for the show including the sound system, microphones and some of the theater lighting. I have my own theatrical staff to run the show, but we will most likely need someone who is familiar with the theater and it's lighting system to help us on the night of the performance. We will also need someone to sell and take tickets at the front door.

$ Dollars and Sense $

Because every organization is different, I try to be as flexible as possible with the size of the show that I bring and the methods we use to promote the show. Naturally, we are trying to raise as much money as we can and to do so, I try to create the biggest event possible and thus generate the largest ticket income. However, I can change the scale of the show to fit any special requirements.

To help promote the show, I have ready printed magic posters, pin ups, fliers and tickets that you may use at your convenience.

If members of your organization will be selling tickets for the show, I like to bring a small portion of the show to a special advanced presentation for your organization. I find that this gives them a taste of the high quality of the show, peps them up for the work, and shows them what a fun event this will be.

To help generate a little more income I also offer a booth that sells small magic tricks and the hosting group will get a percentage of the profits made from the sale of tricks, balloons and posters.

Naturally, one of the most important features of an event is how the profits will be distributed. Because every event is different I can't give a general profit split without knowing all the details. I will say that I am very fair and want the organizations I work for to make as much money as possible (That was I get invited back again and again). The best thing to do is give me a call and we will discuss all the details.

To recap, this is a really fun event to host as your next fundraiser. I feel that everyone involved will be very happy with the entertainment and the event. I look forward to discussing with you the details or my show and how I may tailor my performance to fit your specific needs. You may call me any time at (801) 898-9624.

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